How To Dress a Grinding Wheel With a Diamond Dresser?

Diamond Dresser

Grinding wheels are kept free and true from the buildup of particles through the help of diamond dressing tools and other related assisting machines. These tools are essential in the manufacturing industries when it comes to maintaining high-quality performance and the excellent service life of other tool types. With them, grinding wheel operators can have ideal sharpness for their grinding tools, chisels, drill bits, and other tools with edges and points.

Wheel dressers such as diamond dressers may be needed when you discover that the performing level of your grinding wheel has reduced. Precisely, dressing is a process of getting a grinding wheel cleaned and trued. With this process, you can have a cleaner and flat surface material for your grinding wheel. 

What are Wheel Dressers and Their Available Types for a Grinding wheel?

Wheel dressers or grinding dressers are tools designed for dressing the surface of grinding wheels. With them, a wheel can easily be returned to its original circular shape.

When it comes to the use of dressing tools, it is crucial that grinding wheel operators ensure that the material of the tools is harder compared to the material of the grinding wheel. This must be remembered, particularly when buying a dressing tool. This is because if the material of the tools is softer, it will fail to work effectively on the new abrasive particles and will probably make the conditions of the grinding wheel worse. Besides, many metals from the dressing tool will become stuck on the grinding wheel. 

Types of Wheel Dressers for a Grinding Wheel

Dressing tools are of three types on the market when it comes to shape. These include: 

  • Dressing Sticks
Dressing Sticks

The use of dressing sticks is one of the common ways of dressing a grinding wheel. These dressers feature a rectangular block of abrasive grains. Before purchasing these tools, it’s crucial that operators ensure that they are harder compared to the material of their grinding wheel. To use these tools, you should push them against the grinding wheel and move them back and forth.

  • Star Dressers
Star Dressers

Star dressers come with a handle with star-shaped cutters at the top. Operators can use these tools by resting them on the guard where the discs rotate. Precautions should be taken while using these tools (wear safety glasses) because they produce a lot of sparkles. 

  • Diamond Dressers
Diamond Dressers

Diamond dressers are a great choice when it comes to dressing any grinding wheel as long as they are hard. Besides, they have an impressive extended service life.

Reasons for Dressing Grinding Wheel

Reasons for Dressing Grinding Wheel

“Dressing” is a common term used in the abrasive world. It is usually required for several reasons, including: 

  1. To fix worn-out abrasive grains: A grinding wheel is a composition of abrasive grains bonded with a material. After an extended period of use, the grains naturally wear off and turn smoother, and some metals may also become stuck between them. When this occurs, one of the best ways to fix it is dressing, which involves cleaning the grinding wheel from every worn-out abrasive grain and stuck metal.
  2. To expose new abrasive grains: To keep the grit of your grinding wheel at a reasonable level after it has been used for some time, there is a need to expose new abrasive grains. A dressing tool is ideal for getting the job done.
  3. To deal with a bumpy surface: The inappropriate use of the grinding wheel can result in an indent on the surface. If you notice a bumpy surface on your wheel, dressing tools can help flatten the surface and get rid of any indents. 

What are the Steps to Dressing a Grinding Wheel?

There are six basic steps when it comes to dressing a grinding wheel. These include: 

  1. Prioritize safety: You should ensure that your safety comes first. Put on a visor or a pair of glasses to protect your face/eyes from dust and sparkles. It’s crucial that you avoid the use of gloves and long sleeves to prevent hazards.
  2. Properly align the tool rest: Grinding wheel wears out after being used for a long time. When this occurs, it’s crucial that the operator align the wheel’s tool rest. The guard should be adjusted to 1/16 of an inch from the grinding wheel. With this, you can easily prevent your tool from getting caught between the wheel and the guard. You should also adjust the bench grinder if you notice any spark.
  3. Get a dressing tool: After aligning the grinder’s tool rest properly, you should search for a dressing tool on the market.
  4. Turn the bench grinder on: The next step is to power up the grinder and patiently wait for it to reach full speed.
  5. Rest the tool: Proceed to rest the dressing tool on the guard and move it across the spinning wheel (back & forth) until a flat surface is achieved in the grinding wheel.
  6. Readjust the guard: There is a need to readjust the guard after you’re done dressing the wheel. This readjustment will make the guard 1/16 of an inch from the grinding wheel. 

Considerable Factors When Dressing a Grinding Wheel

Below are the crucial tips you should take note of when you decide to dress a grinding wheel

  • Ensure that the bench grinders and pedestal are safely fastened on a solid surface.
  • Before using the grinder, you should ensure that the guards are in a place and secure.
  • For maximum safety, remember to adjust the rest to 1/16 inch before you start to dress the wheel on a bench grinder. Besides, the maintenance of the wheel exposure of 1/16 inch with a tongue guard or movable guard is essential.
  • There is a need for a thorough assessment of blotters on every side of the grinding wheel. 
  • Remember to tighten the nuts before you turn the grinder on.
  • Before you plug the grinder, spin it manually so as to assess how free it is.
  • Check the cables to know if they are not damaged and always ensure they are not in the working area.
  • Make your stance beside the wheel until the required operating speed is attained.

How to Dress a Grinding Wheel with a Diamond Dresser?

How to Dress a Grinding Wheel with a Diamond Dresser?

Diamond dressers are designed to dress abrasive wheels. They are made primarily to achieve three main purposes, including  

  • Re-balancing or truing the wheel to a concentric shape
  • Cleaning grinding wheels, renewing their edges, and unveiling fresh grains and sharper abrasive.
  • Dislodging abrasive particle buildup and bits of metal and revealing new abrasive surfaces of the wheel for better grinding. 

Diamond dressers come with a handle and have a carbide matrix and industrial diamonds at the top of it. The quality of diamonds contributes immensely to the value of these tools. Due to how diamond remains the hardest material, these dressers are capable of working through any material that a grinding wheel may be made of.

How can a diamond dresser be used? 

  • Start by pressing the dresser against a wheel that is running.
  • Move the dresser back and forth across the grinding wheel. 

Note: You should never forget that using a diamond dresser will make the grit of your wheel a little bit smoother. And they will function effectively to cut the grains since the material it is built with (diamond) is hard and sharp.

Wrapping Up

There are different wheel dressers you can use to make your grinding wheels more accurate.  One of the effective ones is the diamond dresser that is capable of truing, re-balancing, cleaning, renewing (edges), dislodging (bits of metal), and revealing (new abrasive surfaces). 

The great thing about using this wheel is that they are user-friendly and will only take a little time (about 5 minutes) to get the work done perfectly. Notwithstanding, the place of maintenance shouldn’t be overlooked. Operators must ensure that the tool is well-cared for to enjoy it for an extended period of time. To know more, visit our website at agrindtool.com.  

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